Fifty Years, No Explanation

Dateline: Planet Earth, 1961. Tensions are running high all over. In April, the Bay of Pigs invasion failed. Three months later, the first cases of superpowers were documented. While there were trace instances all over—one or two people in every nation of the world got some unusual gift—the greatest concentrations of gifted individuals occurred in the vicinity of both Washington D.C. and Moscow, Russia, USSR.

No cause for this phenomenon has ever been discovered. Guesses have ranged from the quantum to the theological. But the effects have been felt, and history may never be the same again.

And a trio of heroes have begun their journey. Where will it take them? Time and hastily scribbled box text will tell.

What’s the state of play?

The heroes had gotten word of an experimental device being shipped from the company that was designing it to a government laboratory where it and the designer would be tested. If the device was functional, useful, and could be replicated and mass-produced, the government would buy the design and build it.

There’s already been one attempt to take it. It was foiled thanks to some last-minute communication and several vehicles full of soldiers. They’re now on track to face those soldiers where they live. And then they’ve run across some other mysteries that need to be investigated too. But all in due time.

That’s not it, is it? Really?

Really. I’m starting small. Like the slug above suggests, this campaign is experimental. The system is new to most, the genre is unfamiliar to some, and the GM is rusty and wracked with self-confidence issues.

The more people like it, the longer we play, the bigger the stuff that happens.

Patience, grasshopper.

G&S Experimental